Light Rust Removal

Driven through new road works? Got tar on your paint? Try our handy tip below to remove it.

Light Rust repair is a question of trust. Auto Shine Detailing leads you to the best possible rust work at the best possible price.

When cars reach a certain age, they corrode, causing rust stains here and there. Regardless of whether it is a rusty undercarriage, rust film on the paint or corrosion of the body, this is a job for professionals.

Inspecting for and working on rust is a question of trust, as is the rust prevention treatment that follows. Trust is necessary because it is difficult for ordinary motorists to tell whether the rust work has been done well, and according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Why us?

If you send your rust work or rust protection out to tender on Auto Shine Detailing, you know that the price will be good, and that the work will be performed by a high-quality garage. The garages affiliated with autoshinedetailing.ca must be part of a rust treatment chain or follow a chain’s instructions. That all benefits you, the customer.

On Auto Shine Detailing, we believe in transparency and fair prices.