Paint Removal

From routine auto maintenance to full car restoration, we can help!

We use several auto paint removal approaches depending on the extent of visible rust damage, as well as the integrity of the panel itself. In some cases, we media blast the entire vehicle to remove the paint. In other cases, we use a combination of media blasting and chemical removal. If panels are too thin and can warp during the media blast process, we remove the paint chemically or mechanically.

The car paint removal process essentially reveals hidden damage and old body work that must be repaired. Clients are immediately informed when a condition is revealed that changes the project’s initial scope.

Why us?

There are a number of ways of performing automotive paint stripping such as dipping into caustic soda or, conversely, using an acid bath to remove paint finishes. Although both approaches of automotive chemical paint stripping are widely used, they can have negative outcomes. For example, these aggressive chemical cleaners can, in many cases, leave residual fluids in place. Indeed, automotive chemical paint stripping can often leave behind noxious chemicals that are trapped in the frames of cars or become caught up in the joints or structure of a vehicle’s body.

To remove paint from van or car panels, it is much better to use an oven bake-off approach. You can find out more about the ovens we use to carry out such work in the ‘Industrial Ovens’ page of our website.

We are providing the Paint Removal Services for cars. These services are known for removing the multi-layer paint coatings as well as graffiti coatings. To execute the offered services in an efficient way, we have hired a team of skilled professionals. Also, for making use of eco-friendly paint remover, we are much appreciated among the customers.

Other Details:

  • Safe removal of paints
  • Use of eco-friendly paint remover
  • Timely execution