Paint Touch Up

Is it worth the cost to get your car paint touched up?

You love your car. You’re particular about not just performance and price but the exact color of the vehicle, and take great pains to make sure it’s clean, running smoothly and has a full tank of gas.

But then it happens. You’re in a parking lot—far away from the crowded entrance, of course — and someone parks next to you. Too close. His door opens, the wind catches it. BOOM! Your perfect paint has a deep, nasty scratch.

Why us?

For more information on performing touch-up work, there are many online resources with how-to directions and videos for touching up scratches, chips and dings. If your car wash is new at providing these types of services to customers, this research ahead of application can prove to be quite valuable.

  • From bumpers to hoods, we can fix anything with our Paint Touch Up service!
  • When it comes to rock chips, scratches, and areas of chipped paint that have punctured the clear coat, there are two options – one of which is to have the area re-painted, while the other is to fill in the areas with the manufacturer’s touch up paint.
  • Paint Touch Up comes at a fraction of the cost and can ensure that the affected area be hindered from rusting.
  • The exterior auto reconditioning technician will utilize a fine tip brush and a steady hand to fill in the area(s) that deem beneficial.