Power Polish

Keep your car’s paint sparkling for longer.

Power Polishing / Paint Correction will restore your vehicle’s new car shine and luster. Our certified paint restoration techs are good at what they do. We feel one of the most important factors in keeping your car’s paint in great condition is to always touch and feel your paint.

Just run your hand across your freshly washed car. Smooth paint means your car is ready for power polishing. If it feels like there is little specs or bumps all over the paint then you probably have some kind of contaminate on the paint. It is very important to have this professionally cleaned off and your paint sealed. If you do not get this attended to as soon as possible, it could lead to a more costly procedure.

Trust Our Products

As we all age with time, our skin bears the brunt of time with scars and wrinkles coming up every now and then. It is the same with cars. With time the surface suffers scuffs and scratches that make your car look more aged than it actually is. You will surely not let these marks settle on the surface of your car. Here we are – with all the experience of power polishing and hand waxing, waiting all the time to lend your car a brand new look, as flawless as the one which has just rolled out of the showroom! Our multi-stage power polishing, buffing, car hand wax, power polishing and car scratch removal service is surely the one you have been looking for!

This one customer of mine came into our shop with a brand new Volkswagen. The customer was concerned about his paint. I went out to have a look at his car. Sure enough, it had tree sap all over it. I asked how long it was on there and he said about a month. I told him it looks like it has eaten into the paint. So to make a long story short, It was too late for the removal of the tree sap. The car looked like it had a disease. I know I felt bad for him that I could not clean it off. This meant for him to ever sell his brand new car it was going to cost him a whole complete paint job.

So if you notice that your paint has a problem, please attend to it as soon as possible and get yourself a power polishing job completed by Auto Car Detailing. Save your Time. Save your money. Power polishing will help keep your paint in great condition. If you are looking for a power polisher, and if you like to do this yourself.