Used Vehicle Reconditioning

Keeping your car clean and fresh requires meticulous work

Dents, dings, bumpers, wheels, and “fender bender” repairs are all independent services that can be handled quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively without you being away from your vehicle or your business.

Auto reconditioning not only means fixing cosmetic problems for your vehicle but also can offer services that help prevent future damage. Examples of these services might be clear bra protection that helps keep scratches, chips and other debris from damaging your automobile’s paint.

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Restoration of vintage cars is a passion project. You can’t place a price tag on it. Reconditioning can make your vehicle ready for the car show. But it is only recommended if your vintage car does not need a major overhaul.

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Reconditioning costs and time to market are crucial to the profitability of your used car inventory.  So, as you know, the goal is to minimize both as much as possible. In order to reduce your reconditioning costs and time to market (cycle time), you need to know how you’re current process is tracking. More so, you need to know what part of the process may be slowing down your cycle time and/or costing you money. The old adage “knowledge is power” is very true in this situation. Do you really know how long each car’s time to market is and/or average recon cost is?

  • Vehicle tracking via spreadsheet or whiteboard, while an improvement over sticky notes, is neither transportable nor shareable. In my experience, use of these tracking tools falls into disuse after a brief and energetic start.
  • Misplaced vehicles can be taken out of the process temporarily while they await parts or repair authorization. The busy-ness of the day means these units are too easily forgotten about – or take time to locate again when ready to reenter the process.
  • Misplaced communication between recon and the used-car manager slows repair approvals, causing delays that mount up and erode gross margin.
  • Many compensation plans are based on time, not units of production