What Our Clients Say

Meridian Banquets

Amazing service, good knowledge of best products to use for each situation. We had a butter chicken accident in our catering van. Dave at Autoshine took care of it. All our personal vehicles also go to Autoshine.

Gary Sandhu

Excellent experience with Auto Shine. Highly recommend these guys.

Gurnam Dodd

Excellent detailing work, I left my luxury vehicle for full detailing, when I came back to pick it up, it looked like brand new, I had to look at my licensing plate to make sure that that’s my car. Thanks auto shine, keep up the good work. I recommend Auto Shine to everyone for an excellent detailing job.

Gurminder Moom

Best guys in the town! Highly recommended these guys for total detailing services. The prices are very reasonable and they live up to the expectations. Customer service is extraordinary.